Breakout Sessions

Laura Greenberg 


Laura Greenberg is a Business & Personal Development Coach who uses her deeply insightful intuition to create space for healing, shifts and success in her clients lives. Coaching became her passion when she realized that one single session could be powerful enough to create impact in someone’s life. 

Kelly Watson is Managing Partner of Orange Grove Consulting and has spent more than 20 years as an accomplished operations and organizational development consultant. She specializes in helping women overcome their self-limiting assumptions to embrace their full potential as leaders


Janine is a Partner and Executive Coach with Evolution Service Corp, which provides top-shelf culture and leadership coaching for startups and high growth companies. She’s heavily involved in LA’s startup ecosystem and is a mentor for TechstarsLA and SAM’s Precellerator.  Her practice includes both individual leadership and team/culture coaching. 


Janine Davis

Damon D'Amore

Damon is an executive mentor and advisor to C-Suite corporate executives and select entrepreneurs, as well as a public speaker and the founder of Legacy Mentor

He aims to empower professionals to achieve

short and medium-term business goals that will have a direct impact in building their legacy.



Irené is a Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach based in Los Angeles, California with clients nationally and internationally. She focuses on working with high-tech startups and high-growth companies. She is passionate about helping individuals

and teams make significant transformations in their professional lives, which carries over into their personal lives. 

Irené Turtle


Kelly Watson