Working agenda

8:45am: Open Room

9:00am: Welcoming Remarks 

Conference Hosts: Bri Berkhout & Janae' Franklin

Welcome by CBA Dean Dayle Smith 

9:10am:  Networking Time!

Time to make new friends, break the ice, and see how you can help someone!


9:20am: Group POWER Chat 

9:30am: 5 minute Coffee Break

9:35am: Panel Introduction by Dr. Kala Seal

9:40am: Women in Tech: Digital Transformation

Moderator: Lauren Stanford 

Panelist: Jeannette Duval, Ana Mangal, Chantal Sathi & Jennifer Wong

10:25am: 5 min Coffee Break

10:30am: Dolphin Tank

Hosted by: Dr. Jason D'Mello


Janae' Franklin, Co-Founder of Brooke Blaze

Jessie Frietze-Armenta, Founder of Shred Cycle

Celine Chai, Co-Founder of NinetyEight LA

Rochelle Webb, Founder of Optimist Made

Toni Jimenez, Founder of Chica Beauty

10:50am Themed Discussions 

Topics: Sustainability, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Careers in Tech, Life Pivots, & Self Care 

11:45am: Closing Remarks

Sharing words of wisdom/inspiration